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  • Closeup Menthol Fresh gel toothpaste combines the efficacy of 3 powerful ingredients: purifying gel, antibacterial mouthwash, and microshine crystals to keep you protected and fresh.
  • Closeup toothpaste with active zinc mouthwash prevents tooth cavity and keeps breath fresh for up to 12 hours.
  • This menthol mint toothpaste features Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash for long-lasting fresh breath.
  • Close up Menthol Fresh toothpaste is infused with micro shine crystals for a sparkling white smile with each brush.
  • Fight bad breath and tooth decay with this fresh-smelling gel toothpaste.

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United Arab Emirates

Closeup Triple Fresh Formula Menthol Fresh gel toothpaste helps you to get closer to those you love with its breath-freshening mouth wash formula. Active zinc formula in your fluoride toothpaste helps whiten teeth and leaves your breath fresh for up to twelve hours. The refreshing menthol flavour has a fresh smell that stays on your breath like a mouthwash. Also, the purifying gel cleans the deepest corners of your mouth. Don't be afraid to get close up and personal when there's mutual attraction. With Closeup toothpaste for bad breath protection, you don't need to be shy. With active zinc, and micro shine crystals, Closeup Triple Fresh Formula Menthol Fresh is the best toothpaste to maintain your oral hygiene. It helps you get up to 12 hours of fresh breath. Bad oral care leads to bad breath, which can make you lose confidence as you become very self-conscious. Bring your confidence back by taking care of your teeth with Closeup's gel toothpaste for fresh breath. Closeup and dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day - morning and evening - to keep your teeth in great condition and your breath smelling fresh. Let nothing stop you from getting close to the one you desire. Enjoy a natural and beautiful smile while Closeup cleans, protects and whitens.Close up 

Closeup Toothpaste Ever Fresh Menthol,75ml

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