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H Pro Endurance Chrome Dumbbell Set 20Kg Black

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خصم إضافي بقيمة 3% - خصم حتى 5500 درهم إماراتي! استخدم رمز الخصم SAVE3 (تنطبق الشروط والأحكام)

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Cast Iron Weight - Accommodate all standard 1-inch handles; Durable cast iron plates covered with black paint finish preventing rust and corrosion for lifetime use

14-Inch Diamond Knurled Chrome Handle - Constructed of high-quality; textured chrome handle for secure; firm; non-slip grip. Whether used with bare hands or weight-training gloves, the metal barbell's textured grip helps ensure a steady, secure hold.

Star-Lock Collars - Threaded ends with star-lock collars provide a safe; secure workout & easy weight plate changes

Easy Weight Adjustments - Adjusting the amount of weight is easy. Simply add or remove plates to/from the barbells and secure with the threaded collars.



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Item dimensions
‎44 x 26 x 15.3 cm
Cast Iron + Chrome Plated

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Space-Efficient, Easy to Use - H PRO Adjustable Dumbbells are easy to use and do not require much space for storage, suitable for home gyms and fitness enthusiasts of all levels; you can vary your workout routine even more while keeping your space clean and organized.

  Versatile and Practical - Our Adjustable Dumbbell sets can help you to expand your workout routine for peak performance. Take seconds to assemble and take out. Compact, convenient, and easy to use and store; H Pro Chrome dumbbells eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells in your workout space

 Improves Total Body Fitness -Practicing with H PRO Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells, you will see significant improvements in your cardiovascular health as well as muscular strength and endurance. Your range of motion will also increase, and your weight loss progress can become more and more efficient.


  •   Cast Iron Weight Plates - Durable cast iron material coated with Powder Coated finish to prevent rust and corrosion, our Chrome dumbbells will last a lifetime without losing performance; you can have a bespoke set that keeps everything neat and efficient.
  • Diamond Knurled Chrome Handle - A textured chrome handle helps minimize hand fatigue while maximizing grip comfort and control. Also features threaded ends &Star-lock collars with customized screws for easy weight changes.
  • Highly Practical Experience - Chromed steel Dumbbell Knurledhandles with special locks for better grip and increased safety during exercises

What's In The Box?

  •  4 x 0.5 kg chrome weight plates
  • 4 x 1.25 kg chrome weight plates.
  •  4 x 2.5 kg chrome weight plates.
  •  4 x Spinlock collars.
  •  2 x Dumbbell bars.  

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