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  • Our No. 1 longest lasting MAX thanks to new improvements
  • Designed to protect against damaging leaks for up to two years after fully used
  • Hold power for up to 10 years in storage
  • From the makers of the world's 1st
  • Powered by a magnificent potential that aids in keeping your device fueled up for a prolonged time
  • Suitable for use in a variety of toys and electronics

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معرف وحدة إدارة المخزون للبائعPRO8888021206258
Has custom delivery dayنعم
Has dealsنعم
Dangerous goodsNo
Battery typeAAA
Technical specification sheetNot Available
MaterialZinc, high-density manganese dioxide, and potassium hydroxide
Registered in uaeYes
Stock location
Country of origin
Storage temperatureDry
Item length10
Item width15
Item height4
Item weight0.35
Item weight unitكجم
Item dimensions unitسم

Shipment Information

Weight per item

0.35 kg

Dimensions per item (LWH)

cm 4 x 15 x 10

Carton weight

0.35 kg

Carton dimensions (LWH)

cm 4 x 15 x 10

Pieces per carton


Stock location

Product Description 

The Energizer MAX family is all about long-lasting power. The No. 1 longest-lasting MAX batteries. They also hold their power for up to 10 years while in storage, 

so you have power for the devices you love when you need it most. So when it comes to toys, digital cameras and other valuable devices, you can feel confident knowing you have the long-lasting power and protection you'd expect from Energizer.

Batteries are a source of power for many devices and products – a safe and trusted source of 

energy for your wireless products. Whether it’s a TV remote control, a watch or cordless toys and games, there is a battery for all needs. You can leave the house feeling confident

knowing that your household devices will never be without power. Batteries provide long life energy and all safe tested, 

making them perfect for use in your home or on the go.

Safety Guidelines and Warnings:

Check for correct polarity (+/-). Do not disassemble, recharge or dispose of in fire. Do not mix used and new batteries, different brands or types.

Energizer Max Battery AAA Pack Of 12


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