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Lowering COP Cost


The smart option of COP portions

In today’s world, restaurants face many challenges from increasing operations, food and labor costs to new competition entering the market. The challenges become even more profound when restaurants are trying to expand their restaurant reach or adding more branches or locations. One major contributor to food cost is the cost of the COP( center of the plate). For restaurants that are trying to achieve their strategic goals, it is critical for them to find ways to manage their COP cost.

One of the smart options to the beef COP cost is the ability to buy portioned steaks or ready made burgers. Doing so allows restaurants to accurately calculate the cost of a plate and have consistency on cost and flavor.

In a growing and fast moving environment, restaurants have to move fast and think outside the box when it comes to finding solutions. The ability to order COP portioned, means the restaurant does not need to deal with wastage or with yield percentages. Operators don't have to buy whole beef muscles and deal with the challenges that come with it. Buying beef portioned allows restaurants to utilize their labor in other ways as they do not need to address portioning or cutting. In addition, with portioned beef, operators have the ability to try and test new beef items that can be added on the menu without investing significantly. Ordering a ready portioned steak as an ingredient promotes the ability for restaurants to experiment.

Restaurant and burger shops serving burgers are challenged with delivering consistency in flavor, form and size. Utilizing a ready made burger, can help eliminate this and gives the ability for a restaurant to create and build its own burger recipe, adding a competitive edge. This all allows the customer to have the same experience every time and allows the restaurant to deliver on consistency.

In 2020, restaurants and food operators will continue to look for solutions that will enable them to operate in more flexible and dynamic environments.

If you are looking for consistency, storage solutions, convenience and fast delivery then using meat cutting facilities is an attractive option to avail. Check out the options below.

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