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  • This product includes Vaginal Inflammation Self Test Paper along with the pack of 10 Sanitary napkins.
  • Ion napkin is the first anti-dysmenorrhea anion sanitary napkins made from pure cotton.
  • Each pad and liner has an embedded negative ion strip that emits high density of ions.
  • Most Sanitary Napkin are made of Recycled papers, that's why most women are prone to bacterial infection and cervical cancer.
  • Balances PH and hormone levels, Stops bacterial and fungal growth, Regulates, lessen heavy periods and Eliminates vaginal itchines.

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Unit price unitpiece
InstructionsKeep in cool and dry place
Product registered in uaeYes
Stock locationUnited Arab Emirates
Dangerous goodsNo
WarningsDo not use if the seal is broken
Technical specification sheetAvailable
Units per pack10
Shelf life days180
Storage temperatureDry
Country of originIndia

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Carton weight

50 g

Carton dimensions (LWH)

10 x 9 x 10 cm

Pieces per carton


The embedded negative ion strip can: - increase energy - enhance immunity - regulate, lessen heavy periods - balance hormones, mood - kill bacteria causing odor It also has 8 layers in order to prevent any leakage during heavy menstrual period. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, treat yourself with Ion napkin negative ion pads and panty liners. - Dysmenorrhea - Vaginal odor - Bacterial and viral infections - Inflammation - Menstrual problems - Hormonal imbalance - UTI or urinary track infection - Myoma - Endometriosis - Hemorrhoids - Cervical Cancer Regular use of Ion napkin will not only cure and prevent menstrual disorders but you will also experience these many health Benefits: - Balance PH and hormone levels - Improve mood - Increase energy - Enhance metabolism - removing fatigue - Protect against germs in the air - Accelerate oxygen circulation in the intimate part - Remove odor - Stop bacterial and fungal growth - Reduce irritation - Reduce inflammation - Regulate, lessen heavy periods - Eliminate vaginal itchiness - Regulate acidic secretions in the vaginal - Fight against vaginal irritations and infections - Strengthens immunity
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Unified Ion Napkin Night Pad Pack Of 10
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