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  • Queen of the super fruits, with rich nutritional profile.That blends with various foods and beverages,making it a nutrient-rich addition.
  • Also has a wide range of uses providing opportunities for food recipes packed with minerals and vitamins.

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Baobab was licensed for the European and U.S food market, and the white, floury pulp contained in its yellow-green pods is quickly gaining ‘super-food’ status in this market. The tree’s pulp has more protein than breast milk, more vitamin C than oranges, more magnesium than spinach, more iron than red meat and more potassium than a banana. It has become a popular additive in reinforced foods.

Working women in Africa and the EU spend less time at home, full meals are prepared much less often. In this scenario, modern consumers are not limited to the three traditional meal times, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore there is an increasing demand for convenience food, which is food already prepared or semi-prepared for the consumer. This eating pattern rarely gives a balanced diet, containing all the important nutrients. One answer to this problem is functional foods, which are  foods containing added ingredients, with the goal of promoting good health, another is dietary supplements, which can compensate for nutritional deficiencies (baobab).

It has become a popular additive in reinforced foods. In addition, Baobab is rich in Antioxidants which   reduce the risk of degenerative diseases and other signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. The marketing strength of baobab fruit powder is the combination of nutritional and health claims. It is added to a wide range of foods and drinks, such as fruit ‘smoothies’, juices, cereals or yoghurts, to supplement the recommended daily allowances of soluble (prebiotic) and insoluble fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is also marketed as an ingredient for the production of fortified yoghurt, bread, cakes, biscuits and ice-creams

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