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Star Lemon Salted Carbonated Soda 300 ml x 24

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About this item

Star Lemon Soda is all you need to enjoy the crisp flavor

Best enjoyed chilled for maximum refreshment

Lemon with refreshing bubbles while relaxing at home or on the go

A must-have for any kind of social occasion, always tastes best when shared

Crisp, clean taste to give you the ultimate refreshment

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United Arab Emirates

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Product description

Star Lemon Salted Soda

Elevate your refreshment experience with the Star Lemon Salted Soda, a sensational carbonated soft drink that will revolutionize your beverage choices. Crafted with precision and quality, this 24-piece collection of 300ml cans promises an exquisite blend of zesty lemon and just the right touch of salt. It is designed to quench your thirst and elevate your refreshment experience. The remarkable quality of each can ensure that you receive a burst of effervescence with every sip, making it an excellent choice for quenching your thirst or enjoying with friends and family. The invigorating fusion of lemon and salt not only provides an unparalleled taste but also adds a surprising twist to your daily hydration routine. Whether you're sipping it on a scorching summer day, using it as a versatile mixer for cocktails, or simply enjoying it as a standalone refreshment, this carbonated soft drink has you covered.

Lively Lemon Zest

The authentic citrus flavor bursts forth with each sip, invigorating your senses and making it the ideal thirst quencher. The precise amount of saltiness in this soda enhances the overall taste, leaving you with a harmonious blend of sweet and salty that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Party-Ready Packaging

With 24 cans in each pack, you're well-prepared for any gathering or celebration. From solo indulgence to mixers, it offers versatility in its usage, adding a unique touch to any drink or occasion.

In rugged black finish

We at STAR focus on simplicity and elegance to deliver only the finest to our customers.

Our premium soda tin-cans are made from high-quality material with an easy ring-pull opener to ensure the freshness is intact for a long time and the taste remains constant and fresh with every sip.

We strive and ensure to pouring only the most wholesome goodness into every package or can.

Our sodas have been designed in a rugged matte finish with signature brand name on the front.

Have you tried making a Lemon Cucumber Cocktail? 

Create a vibrant refresher within just 5 Minutes!

Here is what you need:

300ml of Lemon Soda

Fresh lemon Juice


Lemon Slices

Fresh Mint

Crushed Ice

How to prepare:

Pour the soda into a glass, fill up with lemon juice as you like it, add cucumber, lemon slices and crushed ice and garnish with fresh mint. Enjoy your chilled Lemon Cucumber Cocktail!