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Spike Red Kidney Beans Can 400g x 24

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High in nutrition and enhanced taste, Rich in protein and fibers, good choice for vegetarians.

It is made using high-quality and healthy ingredients that together deliver a delightful flavour.

It is useful in any dishes and commonly used in Indian curry dishes. It has a mild-earthy flavor and a short cooking time.

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Product description

Kidney beans are an ideal addition to a weight loss diet. Their high fiber content promotes a feeling of fullness that reduces the urge to overeat or frequently reach for a snack. 

The fiber in kidney beans may also improve colon health, reduce the risk of colon cancer and support digestive health. 

Kidney beans can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Adding these versatile beans to your diet can boost your energy and increase your metabolism. 

These beneficial beans contain folate, manganese and calcium which help strengthen bones thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis. 

Kidney beans can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. These beans can be beneficial to a diabetic diet due to the significant amount of carbohydrate they contain. 

The starch in the beans breaks down slowly which prevents a spike in blood sugar levels. 

These beans contain thiamin and vitamin K which help boost cognitive function. Kidney beans are an excellent plant-based source of protein. 

They are rich in antioxidants that contain cancer-fighting properties. The antioxidants in these beans can also help you maintain healthy, youthful looking skin and provide anti-aging benefits. 

Kidney beans contain zinc which can support tissue growth and eye health. The vitamin B6 in kidney beans can help prevent hair loss and memory loss. 

Many of the nutrients found in kidney beans promote detoxification which 

can reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases.