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Rag & Sak Bicycle Saddle 3D Bike Seat Cover Cycling Silicone Seat Blue

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Durable and comfortable Concave design

Ergonomic design, and perfectly fit for hip

Made of high density sponge and polymer

11.22in long and 6.89in wide dimension

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[DESIGN]Durable and comfortable Concave design. Put it over your existing seat, cinch it up, and hop-on.Built-in drawstring , simple to install, and no skidding.Based on aerodynamic principles, the polymer lining of our bike saddle cushion designs multiple breathable holes to promote air circulation and heat dissipation. Besides, it is built-in high density and elasticity sponge for a comfortable riding experience.

[COMFORT] Ergonomic design, and perfectly fit for hip.EVA Cushion to absorb shock and soften your ride. Best choice for long-distance riding.Conform to hip shape, not affecting pedaling.Ergonomic 3D tailored cushion Can effectively help pressure reduction and weight shift and the grooves covering with smooth, breathable and moisture-retentive spandex fabric on the bike saddle cushion strengthen the air circulation and keep the buttocks dry and comfortable.

[HIGHTLIGHTED REFLECTIVE STRIIP] At the tail of bike saddle cushion sews a reflective strip to ensure the safety for night cycling.Anti-slipping lining with adjustable drawstring. Fits on-road, off-road, mountain bikes, etc..

[MATERIAL] High density sponge and polymer.Cloth full of dense particles, unique non-slip material ensure anti-shift, durable and safety of cycling.

[UNIVERSAL FITS] Its 11.22in long and 6.89in wide dimension allows our bike saddle cushion to fit most bike seat saddles of exercise bike, mountain bike, spin bike, cycling bike. (Note: Measuring the dimension of your seat saddle cushion before purchasing is recommended.) its For UNISEX .Put it over your existing seat, cinch it up, and hop-on EVA cushion to absorb shock and soften your ride Best choice for long-distance riding Anti-slipping lining with adjustable drawstring.

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