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  • Enjoy chilled or mix with cocktails
  • Our invigorating bubbles and naturally occurring minerals make for a unique, thirst-quenching taste.
  • It also gives a great alternative to carbonated soft drinks, with no sugar and zero calories.
  • It helps to restore the body's natural balance and provides hydration to health
  • Water helps to get rid of acidity, food reflux, feeling of morning sickness, and treating severe vomiting
  • Helps to renew activity because it stimulates blood circulation by eliminating the increase in acidity in the blood. Also helps to renew the cells and protects from the wrinkles of the skin and the beginning of the signs of aging by persistently

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IngredientsSodium,  Potassium,  Chloride,  Calcium,  Magnesium,  Fluoride,  Nitrates,  Carbonate,  pH,  Bicarbonate,  Sulphate
Stock locationUnited Arab Emirates
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1 kg

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1 x 1 x 1 cm

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1.6 kg

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19.4 x 14 x 14 cm

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United Arab Emirates

The spring from which Perrier water is sourced is naturally carbonated. Both the water and natural carbon dioxide gas are captured independently. The water is then purified, and, during bottling, the carbon dioxide gas is re-added so that the level of carbonation in bottled Perrier matches that of the Vegege spring.

It also offers a great alternative to carbonated soft drinks, with no sugar and zero calories. PERRIER is thirst-quenching on its own, but its crisp carbonation makes it the perfect partner for cocktails and drink recipes. It’s the ideal at-home or on-the-go beverage, making it a refreshing choice for every day.

Perrier Regular Sparkling Water Glass Bottle 330 ml x 4 x 6


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