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  • Sweet, deliciously succulent and exhilarating orange flavour
  • Full of crisp and refreshing bubbles, No artificial colours, no artificial flavors, no added sugar
  • Perfect for all sorts of social gatherings and activities
  • Best enjoyed chilled for maximum refreshment
  • Perfect for all sorts of social gatherings and activities, both indoor and outdoor.
  • A must-have for any kind of social occasion, always tastes best when shared

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IngredientsCarbonated water, Sugar, Acidulant (citric acid), Natural Orange Flavor, Preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), Acidity regulator (sodium citrate), Emulsifiers, Antioxidant (Calcium Disodium EDTA), Vitamin C, Colours (Sunset Yellow)
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Country of originUnited Arab Emirates
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Item length36
Item width26
Item height20.5
Item weight300
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300 g

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36 x 26 x 20.5 cm

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7.2 kg

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40 x 27 x 11 cm

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United Arab Emirates

Mirinda Orange

Mirinda Orange, a beloved and refreshing carbonated beverage, has captured the hearts and palates of countless individuals worldwide. Its irresistible blend of zesty orange flavor and effervescent bubbles offers an invigorating sensory experience that delights both young and old. This iconic drink has become synonymous with moments of joy, whether shared with friends at gatherings or enjoyed as a solo indulgence. Its vibrant hue and unmistakable citrusy aroma evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort, making it not just a beverage but a cherished companion in life's flavorful journey. Sip into a world of citrusy delight.

Nostalgic Comfort

It is more than just a drink; it's a nostalgic journey back to cherished moments. Its comforting citrus aroma and familiar taste evoke memories of carefree days and happy gatherings.

Versatile Enjoyment

Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer in creative mocktails and cocktails, it offers a versatile range of consumption options. Its bold flavor profile blends harmoniously with various ingredients, making it an ideal companion for crafting personalized and exciting beverage combinations.

Mirinda Orange Carbonated Soft Drink Catering Can 300 ml x 24


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