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Hotpack Panettone Baking Mould 155 x 105 mm 1200 Pieces


    per carton

    AED 567.29 per piece

    1 carton = 1 piece(s)

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    About this item

    It can withstand both freezing and baking up to 220°c

    This baking mold is recyclable

    Self-supporting structure, no need of buttered

    The material features: grease and oil resistant

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    Home, Garden & Furniture

    This Seller requires a minimum order value of 500 AED


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    Product description

    Hotpack panettone baking moulds are the ideal size for your delicious bread muffins, coffee cakes, pastries, and more, these hotpack's oven-safe paper panettone pans take the hassle from baking with metal pans. Premier food packaging provides to the home and experienced baker free-standing oven-safe baking cups and molds. Paper panettone molds are made of rigid food-safe material and do not require pre-greasing or messy cleaning, simply put these cups of panettone on a sheet pan, fill them with batter and slide into the oven for baking.
    Hotpack | panettone baking mould 155 x 105 mm | 1200 pieces
    Bottom diameter: 155 mm, mouth diameter: 164.3 mm, height: 106 mm
    The volume of product to be made: 750 g