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Hotpack Dome Lid For Pet Juice Cup 12/14/473 ml With Hole 91 Diameter 1000 Pieces


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    About this item

    This pet plastic lid for 12,14,16 oz cup features a strong seal. cups, when used with a compatible cup, help to restrict unsightly spills.

    The crystal clear color provides perfect visibility, but while this lid is in use, the sturdy pet plastic construction ensures durability.

    Recyclable this item is able to be recycled under some recycling programs.

    BPA free this item is free of the chemical bisphenol a (BPA) and is safe for food contact.

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    Home, Garden & Furniture

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    Product description

    Comfortably disposable this cup lid is easily removable for quick cleaning.
    Use it to cover material prior to table service, or reserve it exclusively for requests for take-out.
    The disposability stays the same no matter the use!
    Durable construction this cup lid is made of durable pet plastic and is a safe choice for daily operation.
    Retaining heavy sauces is robust enough, and flexible enough to cover light snacks too.
    You'll never need to worry about them bending or breaking of one of these cup lids.
    Overall dimensions suitable for: 91 mm top diameter cup
    Packing: 10 sleeves of 100 pieces
    Weight: 4 kg
    Carton dimension: length 600 mm, width 490 mm, height 200 mm.
    Material: pet
    Color: clear
    Shape: round