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Halal Russian Chicken Drumsticks GMO And Antibiotic Free Frozen 95-175 gr


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    1 carton = 14 piece(s)

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    About this item

    Weight range - 95-175 gr

    Calibration - uncalibrated

    Weight per carton - 14 kg

    Certification - Halal, ISO 22000

    Storage conditions - -18 C and lower

    Shelf life - 12 months

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    Food Service/Horeca
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    Product description

    HOLDING "AMAR GROUP" LLC is a diversified production and trading company. The main activities are the production, processing and sale of poultry products of the strict Halal standard in Russia and for export. The company is over 9 years old. Every year we justify our trust in the halal market and improve our position. A significant advantage of the products manufactured by the Holding is exclusively manual slaughter according to Halal standards.

    HOLDING "AMAR GROUP" LLC is an export-oriented company and has the official status of "Russian Exporter" and permission to use the mark "Made in Russia" according to the REA series No. 000258 and registration number 18.000180 dated 12.11.18. "Russian Chicken" is an exclusive trademark of the "AMAR GROUP" Holding, created specifically for export to the countries of Asia and the Persian Gulf. By creating this trademark, our company took into account the market conditions of the countries of the Arab world, Asia and created a unique high quality product that meets all Halal standards and is an eco-product. Our company is included in the list of exporters and has official permission to supply poultry meat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Our values:

     quality products at affordable prices (does not contain GMOs, antibiotics and growth hormones).

    - qualified personnel and professional growth of employees (more than 100 employees work in the company structure).

    - an annual increase in production capacity, modernization of its own premises with high-tech equipment.

    - openness and fair conduct of business (the work of the entire Holding is based onprinciples of transparency and decency).

    HOLDING "AMAR GROUP" LLC is the owner of many nominations and awards, such as "The best product" Halal "-2014-2020", "PRODEXPO-2017-2020". Participates in various exhibitions: "RUSSIA HALAL EXPO", "Moscow Halal Expo", WORLD HALAL DAY, PeterFOOD. KazanSummit and others.As a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the International Association of Islamic Business, we are trying to achieve recognition in the world market, adapting to the peculiarities of each country. Our positioning in the poultry industry is unique. This is what distinguishes our brand from others.The priority directions of development of the foreign activities of our holding are the countries of the Persian Gulf, near and far abroad, where we see long-term opportunities to increase sales of Halal food products.

    We are glad to offer poultry meat in the assortment:

    - Whole carcass

    - Broiler chicken fillet

    - Chicken legs

    - Thigh

    - Shin
    - Shawarma

    - Paws

    - Nagents

    All products comply with Halal requirements and have certificates and permits from three certification centers:

    - Khalya Standard Committee of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims

    - International certification center MAIB

    - Council of Muftis of Russia

    Also, our company is included in the register of exporters of meat products to the Middle East from 2020 and is an accredited supplier of SFDA.

    We are ready to become your reliable partner for the supply of assorted poultry meat and are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.