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Grifiti Band Joes

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    5 PACK! 2 x 0.5 Inches FLAT! 4 inch circumference and 1 1/8 inch diameter. Long lasting, Cooking Grade, Heat, Cold, UV and weather resistance longer lasting silicone bands

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    Get some Band Joes and start strapping things in today... This is our new 2" x 0.5" size made heat resistant silicone...great new broccoli bands in fun colors! Our Big-Ass Bands were an accidental development. We all use writing notebooks and one of the things we hate about them is the way the cheap elastic bands stretch out and don't do their job after a while. What exactly is elegant and cool about wrapping your book with a thin slice of underwear elastic? So we set out to use something different to hold our Dootle Book and Notebook Cases closed for road-trips. We tried bungee cord (too fat). We tried rubber strips and twine (really clumsy), then we found some big red rubber bands in the hardware store and they worked pretty well. The rubber bands were a bit thin and mighty ugly (dull red), so we decided to make some with silicon, similar to the famous Livestrong wrist bands, only much bigger and more stretchy. We could make any size, thickness, and color with silicon so we had our solution. Big-Ass Bands are the result. We'll end up making other sizes and colors but to start we include a couple of them with every Dootle case so that users can throw one in a drawer or use it for something else. They're great for holding older MacBook Pros closed, seal drawing pads, keep files bound together, and of course the occasional use as a headband has happend around town (a bit of a hipster hippy look). We sell them on our site in 5 packs and 20 packs. 4", 6", 9", 12" and X Cross Style 4", 6", 9" and 12" bands also available.