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Evian Natural Mineral Water - 330 ml x 24

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About this item

Leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed

Water is preferred for its clean and crisp taste

It helps to restore the body's natural balance and provides hydration to health

The water is harvested from pure water bodies that give it a crisp and refreshing taste

It is sure to quench your thirst and nourishes your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals

This bottled water is naturally filtered and is enriched with the goodness of various minerals that keeps you energized and hydrated for a prolonged period

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Product description

Evian is a uniquely sourced mineral water that is always naturally hydrating and refreshing, with nothing added for taste or enhanced with extras - so you can reach your natural peak. 

Enjoy drinking Evian any time of the day for ultimate hydration. Evian’s naturally pure water revitalises and rebalances the body, mind, and spirit to optimal levels due to its lightness and balanced composition. 

Every drop of Evian mineral water starts as rain & snow that naturally filters for over 15 years through a glacial plateau in the highest of the French Alpes, where the water gets its pure & crisp taste with a 7.2 neutrally balanced pH. 

We owe everything to nature, so we’re going all in on preserving and protecting it with our pioneering spirit that drives us to find revolutionary and sustainable ways to limit packaging waste and promote recycling.

Evian was founded in 1789, when a local nobleman, The Marquis de lessert, was out for a walk. He drank from a local spring and loved the taste and decided to drink the water regularly. 

Evian natural spring water is a product of nature. They never add things for taste or enhance with extras. Pure as nature intended, evian water springs from the source in evian-less-bains where it's been bottled since 1826.