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Balkhoorma Dried Persimmon Flowpack 300 gr


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    AED 36.75 per piece

    1 carton = 12 piece(s)

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    Dried fruits of delicious persimmons, cut into the shape of chips. Ideal for snacking, and serving as a treat to the tea table.

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    Middle East Fuji LLC

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    United Arab Emirates

    Product description

    Dried persimmon is a type of traditional dried fruit. Known as shìbǐng in Chinese, hoshigaki in Japanese, and gotgam in Korean, it is traditionally made in the winter, by air drying Oriental persimmon. It is a popular snack food in East Asia, and is also used to make wine, and in creating other dessertsThe Shelf Life Is 2Yrs.Country Of Origin Is Azerbaijan.Storage=Frozen.