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Bahlsen Hit With Cocoa Creme 220 Gr

    155 د.إ

    / كرتون

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    Bahlsen Hit With Cocoa Creme

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    Bahlsen Cocoa Cream biscuits with creamy chocolate filling are delicious. Relish the crispy and creamy Bahlsen Chocolate Hit Cocoa Creme Biscuits anytime, anywhere. The delightful chocolate filling in the Bahlsen biscuits tempts you to grab one more every time you pick a piece. These mouth watering sandwiched biscuits are perfect for a snack or during teatime. Available in a 134g pack, Bahlsen Hit biscuits have a satisfying crunch and an indulgent cocoa flavor. Crunchy Delight To those who enjoy biscuits that are not too sweet, Bahlsen Cocoa Cream biscuits are perfect for you. Two golden yellow crispy biscuits with a delicious chocolate filling breaks in to your mouth delivering a rich experience. Tasty and Healthy These Hit biscuits are made of low fat cocoa powder, wheat flour, whey products, glucose fructose syrup, citric acid, skimmed milk powder, and whole hens egg powder, which makes them a healthy snack. Hazelnuts are also processed in this recipe. The Shelf Life Of Bahlsen Hit With Cocoa Creme 134 G Is 12 Months, Country Of Origin Is Poland,Storage Is Room Temperature

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