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Amazon Cream 150 gr

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    Silky smooth in texture and delicate in flavour. Perfect for both savoury and sweet dishes, including desserts and pastries.Adds creaminess to soups and sauces.Can be used as a base for puddings and cake decorating glazes.Great by itself as a refreshing dip or a salad dressing.In a convenient easy-to-store can that can be kept in a fridge or a cupboard

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    A U.A.E. Based Company having the sole owner ship of the Brand "AMAZON", having presence in over 35 countries in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Amazon has a diversified range of FMCG products, for all your kitchen need We have an extensive range of products including Diary products, Drinks, Oil, Coffee, Tuna, and more We are seeking to extends Our regional share and continuously striving to marketing and selling a high-quality foods and beverages to meet the various needs of the consumer every day